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At WOB (Wardrobe Of Beauty) we tailor our treatments to ensure we meet the needs of each individual customer. We select the very best products that are cruelty-free for all our treatments because our customers deserve the best! With over 10 years of beauty expertise, we aim to meet every customers expectation and make you look and feel good through our services

8 different lash extensions for any occasion and event in Knightsbridge

Semi-permanent lashes has taken the beauty industry by storm. Choice is what we demonstrate through our 8 lash extensions looks. With varieties of lash extensions in the market, this can be confusing to the consumer. At WOB, we have broken it down to 8 lash looks explaining the difference between them and how it’s carried out. This makes it easier to choose a lash look suitable for individual needs or events. Check out our video of different clients wearing our eyelash extensions looks.

Refined Lash

The Complete Lash

Ebony Lash

Foxy Lash

Chic wispy Lash

The Flick Lash

Push up Lash

Angelic Lash

Cruelty free products

We only use manufactures and developers by methods, which do not involve cruelty to animals.

EU Cosmetic Regulated

All our glues are regulated by EU cosmetic, in accordance with good manufacturing practices

8 bespoke eyelash extensions looks

Giving you the power and confidence to look good, through our 8  lash extensions looks

9 Yrs of lash extensions experience

We are fully trained and strive for excellence. We are also committed to improving on our skills and expertise.

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