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8 Different Lash Extensions For Any Occasion
And Event In Victoria

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Refined Lash

Lash (1h): £75
Infills (45min): from £40

Perfect for those lash virgins!

If you have never tried semi-permanent lashes, this look might be your lash look. Around 50% of your natural lashes have mink synthetic lash extensions applied to them. Creating natural, fuller lashes without you putting a single coat of mascara.

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The Complete Lash

Lash (2h): £140
Infills (45min): from £50

Feeling a little more daring!

This look is a perfect upgrade from the refined lash look. 100% coverage of your natural lash has mink synthetic semi-permanent lashes applied to each and every natural lash. This look gives the appearance of thicker, longer and volume looking lashes, yet still looking natural.

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Ebony Lash

Lash (2h): £140
Infills (45min): from £50

A little less intense!

The Ebony lash look is for those who want a subtle, less intense dark colour compared to black. If you wear dark brown mascara on your lash, then WOB has you covered. Ebony lash is achieved by using dark brown mink synthetic lashes on each natural lash.

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Foxy Lash

Lash (2,5h): £165
Infills (1,5h): from £80

Feeling a little foxy?

If you want a little more drama to your lashes, then try this lash look. Foxy lash can take you from dawn to dusk. Still natural enough during the daytime, but equally adds some theatre during the evening. This technique is called Russian volume lash or 3D volume lashes. Each lash has 3 very fine synthetic handmade fans applied to the natural lash.

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Chic wispy Lash

Lash (2,5h): £165
Infills (1,5h): from £80

It never hurt to be a little sassy!

Chic wispy lash look adds a playful and sassy look creating a long, thick and gorgeous wispy effect. This look is brought together by combining both individual lash extensions and 3D volume lash extensions techniques in one look. With the chic wispy lash look, your lashes would not go unnoticed!

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Angelic Lash

Lash (2h): £150
Infills (1h): from £55

Sent from heaven!

The angelic lash look is full of innocence, grace and elegance. With this look, no one can tell whether you are wearing semi-permanent lashes. It gives the appearance of a soft, healthy and natural-looking lashes. Angelic lashes are achieved by applying very fine synthetic mink lashes on each natural lash, creating an angelic look to your lashes.

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Push up Lash

Lash (1h): £70

Need a push-up bra for your lashes?

This treatment is exclusive to Nouveau lashes, using LVL Lash Lift. For those who are not keen on the idea of semi-permanent lashes, WOB have you covered. This treatment will replace your lash curlers, lasting from 6 to 8 weeks. The LVL treatment allows your natural lashes to have more length, volume and lift with no effort.

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The Flick Lash

Lash (1h): £70

Wing it out please!

The flick lash look helps to accentuate and elongate your eyes, creating a cat-eye effect. If you like a wing eyeliner, then this look will complement your eyeliner flick, making it stand out even more. This look is achieved by applying synthetic mink individual lashes on the natural lashes, from the middle to the outer corner of the eyes giving that lash flick.


– Colour booster (30min): £20
– Removal of Lashes (30min): £17
– VIP call out charges is available upon request

All new WOB clients will require a patch test at least 24-48 hours prior to all lash treatments. We strongly recommend that you have a trial session before any special occasion to ensure your eyes feel comfortable with the lash treatments.


Lash extensions do not make your natural lashes fall out if applied correctly. At WOB, we assess each client natural lashes and apply the appropriate lash extension to the natural lash. Ensuring no damage is caused to the natural lashes.

Eyelashes goes through a life cycle on average of 60-90 days. All growing at different stages, losing an average of 1-3 lashes per day.  The shedding of your lashes may seem more noticeable, due to the difference in thickness and length of the synthetic lashes, compared to your natural lashes.

Applying oil-free lash serums, could help strengthen your natural lashes.

This depends on individuals, but on average every of 2-3 weeks. Making sure that you still have around 40-50% of the eyelash extension left, to be considered as a infill.

Avoid any oily products around your lashes. One should make sure they always clean their lashes daily.  By not cleaning your lashes on a daily basis, dust and oils  to builds up. Causing the synthetic lashes to fall out, and also potentially causing eye infections.

We only use high-quality mink synthetic lashes. At WOB, we use C CC and D curls, the length is from 7mm to 16mm and the thickness ranging from 0.03 to 0.20.